At BLACK, we are dedicated to making our clients feel important, seen and heard.

Our focus is always about how you feel. 

Good Hair is a given.

Our Mission


Our Vision


Compassion, a genuine effort to understand where the other person is at and where they want to be. Professionalism is important, but it is more important to make a connection with the client. To forget ourselves, and for the time that they are with us, that they feel like the only person in the world.

We are their safe place, their place to rest, hide, grow. Their place to be seen.

Let us commit to seeing goodness in everyone. Let's seek out their very best parts and bring them to the surface where they may, perhaps for the first time, see them too.

Let us soften our hearts and our judgements, and believe in the innate goodness of people. Let us commit to a positive experience for every client through exceptional customer service.

Our Team

Our Team

Our Goals

To provide you with a positive , personal experience.
Picture of Janine



I started hairdressing from the age of 14 where I was the after-school shampoo girl. I had never done anything so cool and exciting in my life! It was love. I have spent my whole life in hairdressing and it has taught me everything I know about human behaviour, love , life, responsibility, personal growth, heartbreak, the pinnacle of highs, devastating lows, endurance, perseverance and most importantly how to be and love who you are. For me as a hairdresser, the most important thing is a connection with the client. That they feel amazing when they leave. I will do whatever it takes to make my clients happy. Janine's hours: Monday 9am - 9pm, Tuesday 12pm - 6pm, wednesday 9am-9pm, thursday 9am - 9pm, friday 9am -3pm Wedding by appointment in the weekends.

Picture of Wendy



Wendy is our awesome up and comer! Best head massage in the business and great blow waving or GHD curls. She is also an excellent choice for those quick touch ups or awesome hair on a budget. ( full head foils only $130! Retouch only $50). She's moving up the ranks fast so get her while you can!

Picture of Stephanie



Introducing Stephanie our transformation queen! Steph loves nothing more than taking you from what you hate to what you love! Yes dark to light is absolutely possible with our girl Steph. And so too is short to long! Stephanie has many years of experience with extensions and would love to give you the hair you dream of. Steph's hours are: Monday : 9am - 9pm Tuesday : 9am - 6pm Wednesday : 9am - 6pm Thursday : 9am - 9pm Friday : 9am - 3pm