Perfectly Straight Hair

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Perfectly Straight Hair!

There are a few little tricks that while small in application are mighty in result!

1) USE SMALL SECTIONS. I KNOW I KNOW We are always in a hurry and have a million things to do, and of course we need another cup of coffee but it is definitely worth taking the time to section the hair for long lasting results.

2) Make sure your sections are even. If you have a slightly thicker piece in your section than another then that wont be as straight or will become fluffy during the day.


Hair is covered in hydrogen bonds that are changed temporarily by heat and water. But the kicker is that it needs a little bit of time for this to happen. Particularly when using heat. So glide your irons slowly over the hair and don’t grip too tightly.

4) Make sure you are using a heat protectant. If you don’t, apart from the fact that you are causing irreparable damage that can result in your hair breaking off, if you over dry the hair you will create static. Read FLUFFY HAIR.

So there we have it. A few little tips that produce big results!

Happy Straightening 🙂

Removing Split Ends

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Hair TIP! There has always been the age old dilemma of how do I grow my hair AND keep it in good condition? Do I really need to cut it every six weeks? Where does six weeks even come from? OK first things first. Hair grow 1.25 cm a month on average. So, if you want your hair to grow long I would suggest that you put more time between your cuts. But then how do you get rid of the bad condition and dryness but retain the length? Wonder no more! Check out my quick little tips video above and keep your locks long and flowing and beautiful!

Happy styling and I’ll see you again soon.