BLACK education provides several avenues for learning.

1) entry level course that gives you a real time experience of what it's like to be a hairdressing apprentice. On our INTRODUCTION TO HAIRDRESSING course you will learn how to speak to clients and move them around the salon, how to shampoo, condition, apply a treatment and massage. How to do a basic blow dry and iron. This is an excellent way to see if hairdressing truly is something that is for you with a minimal investment of time and money. 

This course has a duration of 3 hours on a live model and has an investment of $150

2) courses to increase the skill level of already practicing hairdressers. These are what we specialize in. Blondes of all shapes and sizes. Foils, bleach n tone and balayage. This is what our salon focuses on and what we love to do. In these courses you get a practical hands on experience of perfecting your blondes in whatever manner that might be. From foils, to full bleach n tome and balayage.

this course covers consultation, managing clients expectations, analysis and Colour selection, application and technique, toning and finishing.

this course has a duration of 5 hours and an investment of $250

3) our 12 month complete hairdressing course. This course takes you from day 1 of knowing absolutely nothing to a qualified hairdresser in 12 months. This course gives you all the necessary skills and experience to be able to step straight on the floor and start applying your craft, and as part of this course direct interviews with employers and the opportunity for employ,ent upon completion is a part of the journey. This course is fast and exciting and gets you into the workforce in a very real and applicable way. Truly a course that will make you a hairdresser.

Coming in June 2018